CTS Engtec Oy is among Finland’s leading providers of investment-related technical engineering and consulting services. We have more than 160 skilful and experienced specialists involved in customer service, which means that we can handle also large and complex projects, while remaining agile and flexible as a company.

Solutions meeting the customer’s needs

According to feedback from our customers, our typical strengths within the framework of projects include expertise, willingness to serve, commitment, and good work quality. It is also important that we can provide comprehensive services for all project stages, from project development to engineering, project management, and maintenance engineering services.

CTS Engtec is best known for its work in the forest industry, but our expertise is being utilised in connection with investments into various different sectors, such as biotechnology and environmental technology, energy industry, chemical industry, metalworking and mining industry, data centres, and petrochemical industry. The solutions we offer are always tailored to the customer’s projects and needs.

A pioneer with traditions

CTS Engtec was founded in 1973 in Kouvola under the name of Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy, which means that we have quite a long journey behind us. Among other things, it has taught us the significance of long-term approach and responsibility.

The long-term nature of our operations is illustrated by the fact that many of our customer relationships have lasted for decades. We have built our operations around responsibility, as its importance in engineering is increasing all the time. For example, many decisions significant from the viewpoint of environmental impact are made in the engineering stage.

CTS Engtec is a growing and internationalising company, having operations that are advanced in a goal-oriented manner. In addition to our head office located in Kouvola, we have offices in Helsinki, Kotka, Jyväskylä, Turku, and St. Petersburg.