At CTS Engtec, we have acted under the prevailing exceptional circumstances to ensure that we remain operational even in the event of a virus pandemic. It is important for us to ensure the safety of both risk groups and our employees in the event of a virus pandemic. For this reason, we prefer remote work and most of our employees have already moved from our offices to home offices. We have also restricted domestic and abroad work travelling of our employees and favour online meetings for now. We avoid all physical contact between people to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, our engineering work continues normally from our employees’ remote offices.

We are actively following government and WHO coronavirus guidance and will do our best to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. We will keep our clients and stakeholders updated.

In severe circumstances, the spread of coronavirus can have a temporary impact on our ability to fulfil some contractual obligations. A potential large-scale quarantine, illness or similar case of force majeure may have an impact on our project assignments. However, we are continually developing preventive solutions to reduce potential inconveniences.

If this situation has project-specific effects, we will contact our contract clients directly.

Let’s take care of ourselves and other people together.

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