CTS Engtec carries out industrial process expert and engineering tasks from research to detailed engineering, commissioning and maintenance engineering. Our process engineering services include baseline mapping, preliminary studies, profitability calculations, and overall engineering management.

Our process engineering services

  • Production calculations
  • Consumption calculations for raw materials and commodities
  • Process dimensioning calculations
  • Pump capacity calculations
  • Process simulation
  • Block diagrams
  • Flow charts
  • P&I charts
  • Technical specifications
  • Tender invitations
  • Process descriptions
  • Functional descriptions
  • Process data for instrumentation
  • Risk assessments
  • FAT/SAT tests
  • Process training

Commissioning engineering

  • Installation supervision
  • Testing
  • Test runs with water
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up co-ordination
  • Commissioning progress monitoring
  • Reporting