CTS Engtec can provide engineering services adapted to the different development stages of an investment project. They cover conceptual engineering, preliminary studies and pre-engineering, thereby offering a reliable foundation for making investment decisions and carrying the project forward.

We have long and versatile experience in conducting the necessary studies and engineering, as well as adequate resources. We use advanced tools and utilise our extensive co-operation network in order to ensure that all worthy alternatives are considered in the project development. We pay special attention to illustrative presentation of results. In this connection, one of our strengths is 3D visualisation, in the utilisation of which we are pioneers in Finland.

Development stage engineering services

Conceptual engineering

In the course of conceptual engineering, several different alternative technologies, processes and locations are studied, and brainstorming regarding the progress of the project arranged. In this stage, the first preliminary cost calculations are also made.

Preliminary studies

In the preliminary studies stage, a number of alternatives remain, which are explored in more detail. Consideration is given to issues related to the investment site, processes, choice of technology, infrastructure, and environmental impact, and preliminary layouts are made. It is also a good idea to launch the permit processes at this stage.


In the pre-engineering stage, the focus is on the single concept selected. The more detailed calculations and plans necessary for the project are made regarding the production, processes, costs, etc., and the visualisation is taken further.