CTS Engtec can take liability for an investment project as an EPCM supplier, in which case we will be responsible for all investment-related engineering and co-ordination, procurements, construction management and supervision, proceeding from the budget and schedule agreed with the customer. For our customers, the solution is clear and predictable and offers several benefits.

We possess the expertise, experience and extensive co-operation partner network required for successful project completion. We systematically develop large, small, and partial projects. Our services always include good technical and process solutions, as well as a skilful team of experts.

Advantages of EPCM project implementation

  • A flexible option.
  • The customer’s own organisation can be smaller.
  • Organisation overlaps can be minimized.
  • The project takes off quickly with the purchase of both project management and engineering services at the same time.
  • There are only few interfaces, which means that information transfer and decision-making is efficient.
  • An easier way for start-ups and small companies to implement their first investment and focus on core activities.